Description Change this. Lyon–Saint Exupéry Airport (French: Aéroport Lyon Saint-Exupéry), formerly known as Lyon Satolas Airport, is the. The Lyon-Satolas Station is the terminus for the TGV trains connecting the airport to the city of Lyon, 30 kilometers to the south. The almost forty. Lyon-Satolas Airport Railway Station The Population of France – 63 million West of France is United Kingdom and the city of London – French %, rapidly.

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It provides a TGV station for the airport, but also a connection point for both TGV and airplanes into the regional road and rail system. Lack of interconnection with Lyon’s urban transport network is frequently cited for the station’s low usage. For practical information please visit www. In the contest clients, French Railways SNCFRegion Rhone Alpes gailway Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry CCIL made it clear that besides being easy to use should become a symbolic and attractive building that represents the gateway to the region and would be part of a campaign to promote trade through improved transport.

Lyon-Satolas Airport Train Station, Lyon France

Unlike what usually happens at the terminals of air and land transport where directions are indicated to the user through conventional signs contained in crates, Calatrava opt for a fully differentiated functionally specialized disposal receptacles indicate the identity and position of spaces through the configuration of the enclosure. From this gallery you can also will access the underground aigport services, elevators and parking.

The most striking building xtation is based on the two converging core steel arches meters long and 40 meters high. On the mezzanine, office, office of the chief of the police station and the airport and on the top floor, a space for temporary exhibitions, a bar and a restaurant. Concrete bridges, stairs, escalators and glass elevators provide access to the platforms.

Calatrava channels and informs crowds with rhythmic repetition through the configuration of the building, which he wants to substitute for using signs within an undistinguished enclosure. Compare his sketches and actual building, they are almost identical in terms of both form and engineering. The glass walls that form the lobby, are formed by panels with a width of eight feet.


The facade is framed between the gallery and the international terminal, preserving, where possible, the symmetry of the composition. The building’s most striking profile, based on two converging steel arches meters long and 40 meters high.

Concrete is a natural color due to the use of a white sand area. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Notify me of new comments via email. The terminal has a total length up to meters Airport. These ribs are raised on the north and south facades, whose perteluces withstand the cantilevered section. The closest parking for the TGV station is car park P6. Books and other web sites Click the book title to view and to order direct from. The adjacent pair of beams jumps feet above the highest and glass lobby of the station and service core located east.

The progressive narrowing creates dynamic feeling, and to evoke a strong image of flight, he uses the design of the overhead skylights. And I think this is really important to me to learn more about using principles and elements into my design works.

The building is mostly a combination of concrete and steel. Steel deck is supported lobby columns forming corners of the triangular base.

Lyon-Satolas TGV Station

The main “advantage” of the station is for travellers, arriving by plane, who are travelling onwards to the east. The Exterior Views- two converging steel arches meters long and 40 meters high. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Two large cantilevered balconies enter the space. Views Read Edit Starion history. Two concrete ‘tongues’ are cantilevered like the prows of ships over the main concourse. Catering for only a handful of TGV trains per lyon-satokas, the cavernous concourses spend most of their time looking successfully prestigious but also rather empty and unexploited.

Downstairs, a hallway where ticket counters and other rail services, shops and offices are located. Escalators lead down into the main concourse, from which wings spread out on either side above the railway tracks, with further escalators down to the platforms.

Originally in the side of the central four-way crosswalk were constructed, two on each side, covered by a lattice of concrete were added but then other two outside the lobby. However, by continuing to use the site without changing settings, you are agreeing to statioj use of cookies. The structure of almost forty staton high steel and concrete is the metaphor of a huge bird that stretches out its wings, covering or protecting the railway.


The expressiveness of Calatrava’s structure continues inside the building as much as outside.

Gare de Lyon Saint-Exupéry – Wikipedia

Cookies We are using cookies to provide statistics that help us give you the best experience of our site. The structure was drilled at ground level, including niches for light fixtures. Transverse bracing members vary in size and assembled four by four along the core tubes. The roof is glazed in some sections and other stuffed with prefabricated concrete sections, such as the cover over the platforms.

The projected cover is like a giant bird that rises above the train tracks. This structure of concrete and steel, can also be interpreted as a cap or helmet mythical heroes appearing in numerous drawings of Santiago Calatrava, or other recurring basis the architect as human eyes with large eyelids, eyelashes and eyebrows that highlight the way.

The arch above the spine is a steel box of triangular section, and the spine is supported by a concrete mass. The steel parts that are part of the cover are provided with a dark hue, unusual detail in the works of Calatrava.

Another reading is from a three-dimensional view, which is organized as a continuous spatial grid that displays a certain tree structure, highlighting the perception of the ribs. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Architecture is better explained in images Follow us on Instagram! Santiago Calatrava Philip Jodidio. The station is located in Satolas, France, built in Calatrava insists this was not its origin: