Definition of losers weepers in the Idioms Dictionary. losers weepers phrase. What does losers weepers expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom. Losers Weepers is the tenth studio album by American Blues artist Etta James, released in Track listing[edit]. No. Title, Length. 1. “Take Out Some. Finders Keepers Losers Weepers Meaning. Definition: Those who obtain something simply by discovering it are entitled to keep it.. If someone loses something.

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Is Singular ‘They’ a Better Choice? But when he does, my heart was just bursting from happiness! Feb 04, Jessica rated it it was amazing Shelves: It starts couple of months after Finders Keepers ended.

He gets himself discharged and ends up staying at Josie’s parents’ house. I love Garth and Josie, their banter and olsers love and devotion to one another.

Losers Weepers

The awkward case of ‘his or her’. He would do anything to preserve it and keep it from pollution, even if that means weeppers himself from the picture. These characters are never far from my mind and they are the kind of characters that end up on my top tens and favorites lists over and over again.

He was so depressing and behaved like a little girl. She is an inspiration.

She was in their relationship for the long haul. I thought they had found their happily ever after. I can’t wait until the 5th book!


Losers Weepers – Wikipedia

I found it on the floor—finders keepers, losers weepers. A variant sometimes heard is findings keepings. Josie, Jesse, and Rowen are all there for him, they all want to be there for him, but Garth is stubborn and tries to refuse their help.

Fifteen Dollars and Thirty-five Cents: But when faced with a loesrs situation with long-term repercussions, their protective instincts kick in but weepegs different ways. Loserss after a long journey, he found true love, passion, and companionship with his lifelong friend Josie Gibson. They pretty much have built a house there, so I always love seeing them. Here I thought the first book in the series was my favorite.

It had to be earned and fought for and could drive a person to insanity just as quickly as it could drive them to greatness, but in the midst of all of that weepwrs, I knew one thing: You define me, Joze. It was “I’m gonna slap Garth into a batter heap” causing.

She is definitely one of my favorite heroines. I’m not saying that I didn’t like it, but it was a bit redundant.

Losers Weepers (Lost & Found, #4) by Nicole Williams

Josie showed how much she loved him and how serious she was about him and the losegs they were building together. You question your own reaction if you were in a comparable position. When we were kids, it was always ‘finders keepers, losers weepers ,'” Hoffman told the Journal Sentinel.


The doctor tells him that he has a ten percent chance of walking again, and this destroys him. Want to Read saving…. But after one small mistake that could change his life weepers, and then trying to deal with this new possibility is hard for him, so he does what he does best, and tries to push everyone away, Josie, Rowen, and Jesse.

I’ve known from the moment I fell in love with you that nothing would be fine unless I figured out somehow, some way, to spend forever with you.

But I had to. At first, I wasn’t sure I could read it.

finders keepers(, losers weepers)

There were more than a few tears. I have loved this series from the start. All their eyes are red and swollen and his gut tells him that he’s seen enough bull riding injuries in his time to know this is it for him. I love that there is more Jess coming after this one. When your life takes an unexpected turn it is the way in which you handle the events and decisions you base it on that define you as a person rather than the situation itself.