Jerry Kuhnhausen’s manuals are universally considered the best written and Gunsmithing the Colt Automatic (and MMA1 copies) with Jerry. Gunsmithing books now in print by Jerry Kuhnhausen: The S&W Revolver – A Shop Manual The Colt. 45 Automatic – A Shop Manual. A Shop Manual. Volume 1 In the Kuhnhausen M Pistol Series. Jerry Kuhnhausen. “MK IV Series 80″ Government Model”. Colt product photos supplied by.

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This book has been assembled from data in the public domain collected by Jerry Kuhnhausen and from loose leaf shop training manuals written by Jerry Kuhnhausen and therefore necessarily reflects the author’s experience. No, Virginia, lousy M commercial parts that can predictably only break does not add up to bad M Pistol design.

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Gunsmithing books now in print by Jerry Kuhnhausen: Find all posts by straid. Discussion in ‘ General Discussion ‘ started by DanggerDec 28, They should have published both volumes in one book, because they go together.

Colt Workshop Manual – Jerry Kuhnhausen | Forums

The current document download page has been viewed times. Budget the money for both volumes. MA1 pistols through end of contractIthaca Gun Co. Vol II has dimensional specifications, critical performance data, inspection data, which parts optimize accuracy, and lots of other stuff.


msnual Basically, Vol II helps you determine that your parts are right, then Vol I tells you about fitting and assembly. Are either or both of these the ones that are considered “the bible” on the ? Emphasis is placed on safety and common sense, correct shop and bench procedures throughout, and the importance of using only within specification parts.

All information, data, text or other materials “Content” posted to this kuhnhauwen by any users are the sole responsibility of those users.

In this regard, kuhnnhausen data can only help. With Volumes I and II, the pistolsmith has the most complete gunsmithing reference work available on the U.

Feb 14, Messages: Alabama and Florida, US Posts: If you’re a tinkerer like me, this is where we want to be. DanggerDec 28, Before beginning repairs or replacing parts in any of the models discussed in this book, gunsmiths and armorers are advised: Printed in the United States of America. Find all posts by Kunhhausen A.

The editorial decision to publish this manual Volume II in the Kuhnhausen.

By continuing to use this site, you certify that you have read and agree to abide by the Legal Terms of Use. May want to double check copyright on the “book”.

Colt 1911 Workshop Manual – Jerry Kuhnhausen

Or you could buy it directly from the publisher and support them and the author. S and foreign government contract production approx.

The pistolsmithing techniques shown and discussed closely follow original factory and ordnance methods except where nonavailability of original ordnance fixtures, tooling, gauges, etc. ChrisATXDec 28, Here’s the web-site for all the Kuhnhausen books, videos 11911 posters; www. Spiral-Binding Kuhnhausen A review I saw of the Kuhnhausen manuals mentioned that the reviewer’s only complaint was that the books should have been spiral-bound so that they can lay flat on the workbench.


Jerry Kuhnhausen guide – is this “the one?” – Forum

kuhngausen Find all posts by cohland. I was looking on Midwayusa. M and MA1 Pistols, and little from a civilian gunsmithing viewpoint. Auto Ordnance is currently a division of Kahr and has since improved they fit and quality.

Originally Posted by cohland A review I saw of the Kuhnhausen manuals mentioned that the reviewer’s only complaint was that the books should have been spiral-bound so that they can lay flat on the workbench.

In this regard, it is our intention to provide professional gunsmiths and students with as much basic data as possible on the referenced models, particularly now that many thousands of heavily used M, MA1, and commercial equivalent pistols are in civilian hands.

All of Kuhnhausen’s informative manuals are presented in the same step-by-step sequence followed by professional pistolsmiths and armorers when installing replacement parts and repairing or rebuilding pistols at the bench.

The more than principle illustration drawings, exploded parts drawings, individual parts drawings, sectional illustrations, and general graphic illustrations in this manual were drawn in original ordnance style for authenticity by the author and Heritage – VSP staff artists.