WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE IN THE KATARUNGAN PAMBARANGAY LAW? 1. While the dispute is under mediation conciliation or arbitration, the prescriptive. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT NO INDIVIDUAL CAN GO DIRECTLY TO COURT OR ANY GOVERNMENT OFFICE FOR ADJUDICATION OF HIS/HER . Pambarangay Law? As a general rule, all disputes may be the subject of barangay conciliation before the Katarungang Pambarangay, except for the following.

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Oral defamation under Article of the Revised Kataryngang Code, as amended, is penalized as follows: It is well to be reminded, first of all, that the rules of procedure should be viewed as mere instruments designed to facilitate the attainment of justice.

That there had been a long-standing animosity between Agbayani and Genabe is not denied.

We find no merit in the above arguments. Respondent Genabe was of a highly volatile personality prone to throw fits sumpongswho thus shared a hostile working environment with her co-employees, particularly with her superiors, Agbayani and Hon. Agbayani discovered this when she went to the DOJ to examine the records, as soon as she received a copy of the DOJ Resolution of her motion for reconsideration. It is operated by the smallest of the local government unitsthe barangayand is overseen by the barangay captainthe highest elected official of the barangay and its executive.

Retrieved from ” https: Thus, a grave irregularity was committed by the DOJ in allowing the surreptitious insertion of these and many other documents in the records of the case, after the petition had been filed.

The failure of petitioner to comply WITH ANY of the foregoing requirements shall constitute sufficient ground for the dismissal of the petition.

There has long been a traditional, local system of resolving disputes.

The Secretary of Justice may dismiss the petition outright if he finds the same to be patently without merit or manifestly intended for delay, or when the issues raised therein are too unsubstantial to require consideration. Per Section 12, R.

Katarungang Pambarangay

They are not to be applied with severity and rigidity when such application would clearly defeat the very rationale for their conception and existence. Contrary to petitioner Agbayani’s claim, there was substantial compliance with the rules.


The Supreme Court, in the case of Cruz vs. And is it not a grievous error on the part of the CA if it virtually orders the filing of an information, as here, despite a categorical statement from the Secretary of Justice about the lack of evidence to proceed with the prosecution of the petitioner?


The Supreme Court held that the authority of the Secretary of Justice to review and order the withdrawal of an Information in instances where he finds the absence of a prima facie case is not time-barred, albeit subject to the approval of the court, if its jurisdiction over the accused has meanwhile attached.

We recall that in the morning of December 27, when the alleged utterances were made, Genabe was about to punch in her time in her card when she was informed that she had been suspended for failing to meet her deadline in a case, and that it was Agbayani who informed the presiding judge that she had missed her deadline when she left to attend a convention in Baguio City, leaving Agbayani to finish the task herself.

The Secretary may reverse, affirm or modify the appealed resolution. Asia United Bank[20] a motion for reconsideration from the resolution of the Secretary of Justice, which was filed four 4 days beyond the non-extendible period of ten 10 days, was allowed under Section 13 of the NPS Rules on Appeal.

All told, we find that the CA did not commit reversible error in upholding the Resolution dated May 17, of the DOJ as we, likewise, find the same to be in accordance with law and jurisprudence.

Katarungang Pambarangay – Wikipedia

Retrieved 18 December Agbayani Agbayani assails the resolution of the Department of Justice DOJ which directed the withdrawal of her complaint for grave oral defamation filed against respondent Loida Marcelina J. People[28] oral defamation or slander is the speaking of base and defamatory words which tend to prejudice another in his reputation, office, trade, business or means of livelihood.


Almost all civil disputes and many crimes with potential prison sentences of one year or less or fines 5, or less. Thus, technical rules of procedure like those under Sections 5 and 6 thereof should be interpreted in such a pambaranvay to promote, not frustrate, justice.

Where the complaint a did not state that it is one of the excepted cases, or b it did not allege prior availment of said conciliation process, or c did not have a certification that no conciliation or settlement had been reached by the parties, the case should be dismissed x x x. And since the crime committed by respondent Genabe consisted of her exact utterances, the DOJ erred in downgrading the same to slight oral defamation, completely disregarding the finding by the Investigating Prosecutor of probable cause for the greater offense of grave oral defamation.

On petition for review under Rule 45 of the Rules of Court is the Decision [1] dated March 27, of the Court of Appeals CA dismissing the petition for certiorari and the Resolution [2] dated July 3, denying the motion for reconsideration thereof in CA-G. The complaint-affidavit, however, failed to show that the instant case was previously referred to the barangay for conciliation in compliance with Sections andparagraph dof the Local Government Code, which provides: This was also the tenor of the sworn statements of the witnesses for complainant.

This matter was readily brought to the attention of Undersecretary Pineda by petitioner Agbayani in her motion for reconsideration, who however must surely have found such contention without merit, and thus denied the motion.

As shown by the records, the parties herein are residents of Las Pias City. The decision whether to dismiss a complaint or not, is dependent upon the sound discretion of the prosecuting fiscal and, ultimately, that of the Secretary of Justice. Judge MogulPhil. The party taking the appeal shall be referred to in the petition as either “Complainant-Appellant” or “Respondent-Appellant.

As the Court pointed out in Torres, Jr.