Judith Balso _Poetry And_ 1 (Source). Judith Balso _Poetry And_ 2 (Source). Judith Balso _Poetry And_ 3 (Source). : Pessoa, the Metaphysical Courier (): Judith Balso, Drew Burk: Books. By Judith Balso. Translated by A keen sense of political exigency is retained in this English translation of Judith Balso’s Affirmation de la poésie. It is a slim.

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In Affirmation of PoetryJudith Balso defends the significance of poetry as a necessary practice for thinking. Theory and PhilosophyBack to School Sale.

Judith Balso – punctum books

Since the times of Plato and Aristotle, the relation of poetry to philosophy has been controversial. For certain scholars, poetry should not be confused with philosophy.


For others, poetry is at the heart of the possibility of thinking. For Balso, if reading poetry properly has become an obscure task, poetry itself still carries with it a power of thinking: University of Minnesota Press Coming soon.


Home Current Catalogs Blog. Search Site only in current section. Affirmation of Poetry Judith Balso Translated by Drew S.

Burk Distributed for Univocal Publishing. Judith Balso teaches poetry and philosophy at the European Graduate School. Burk is a cultural theorist and translator of contemporary French philosophy.

Affirmation of Poetry

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Affirmation of Poetry : Judith Balso :

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