JBL H (8Ohm). Unavailable. Category of diameter 12 inch / cm; Znom 8 ohm; Weight volume is not set, then delivery by plane is not possible. Brand New JBL H 12″ Aftermarket Recone Kit, 8 ohm. Parts specifications: Cone: 12″ outside diameter, ″ deep, ″ voice coil opening; Voice. Subwoofer JBL H. General specifications: diameter 12 inches, maximum power W. Thiele-Small parameters: frequency of self resonance Fs=75 Hz, .

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Results 1 to 5 of 5. Is it worth while to recone?

Is it LF or MF and can it be reconed to a ? Last edited by maxwedge; at My name is Scott, as in give me more power Scottie!! The kit is the same cost as a H.

I guess you would call it JBL’s “midline” series driver. I’m not aware of it ever being used in a 3-way app as a mid driver.


This message comes from JBL Dog. I’ve been thinking of replacing my ‘s with ‘s down the road a bit and if ‘s can be reconed as ‘s then that could be an option I have compared these side by side and could not find 2022j difference in the basket.

I used them as both side fill monitor and full range interchangeably and the has better low end while the is better for vocals. I think they both fall inbetween the “producer” and “reproducer” sound And for the recone price, I would keep the with it’s bigger magnet and 4″ coil.

Hi subwolf, thanks for the info.

It sounds to me that you would prefer the ‘s over ‘s for mid use. From what I’ve been able to understand, is that the is JBL’s new king of midrange All times are GMT The time now is Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano.