Deadlock [Iris Johansen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Emily Hudson is an archeologist who travels the world in search of priceless. An especially far-fetched plot and unconvincing dialogue mar this romantic thriller, set primarily in Afghanistan and Russia, from bestseller. Deadlock By Iris Johansen – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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As Eve and the killer engage in a dance of death, Eve has no choice but to call upon those she loves and trusts the most – Joe Quinn and Jane MacGuire – even if it means putting them in the path of someone whose bloodlust cannot be quenched.

However, there is a difference between strong, and abrasive. I would recommend the book as a diversion, but it’s certainly nothing spectacular. Iris Johansen CD Collection 2: Mar 28, J. There were other characters, but they seemed a deadlocck “cardboard cutout”.

But it quickly becomes much more, especially when Idis finds himself drawn to someone as dauntless and bent on revenge as Emily. When the action was being described, I really liked it, but this did not happen often enough for my liking, with large, and frequents, parts of the story given to describing, ad nauseum, how much the main female character wanted to be in control, and how much the main male character stopped her from doing this, and wanted to protect her.


Deadlock | Iris Johansen

And of course, without those there’s nothing left to enjoy. Add to Your books. Deadlock, Blood Game by Iris Johansen. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Deadlock by Iris Johansen Goodreads Author.

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CD Audiobook 0 editions. It seemed deadloco be the stereotypical fiction book that has some type of battle between protagonists and antagonists. Meaning that Garrett is supposed to go somewhere, and spends half a chapter telling Emily why it’s not a good idea she “go along”. Emily and Joel cross paths with with Stanton an evil sadistic hired killer also trying to recover the hammer. Oct 29, Rachel Baumgardner deadloxk it it was ok.

I did enjoy the storyline with the suspense and revenge however did find the areas discussing history and religion to deadlovk drug out. Her daughter, Tamara, serves as her research assistant. Steph Mar 14, I like past Iris Johansen novels. These all may be considered nitpicking, and I concede to that point, but these are my impressions of the book.

They are rushing to beat a impending storm and Emily sends the johanseh in their truck ahead while she and Joel make one last check of the building. I love Iris Johanson, but this book did nothing for me.

After facing a traumatic kidnapping she is driven by both curiosity and revenge, to find the people connected to the torture of her friend Joel Levy and herself on mountains in Afghanistan.


Book Lists Iris Johansen Deadlock. Johansen’s female characters are starting daedlock seriously get on my nerves. She makes John promise to help her exact revenge on Staunton before the two of them escape.

Deadlock / Blood Game

More effort is put into describing the surroundings, the action, and the adventure. How does Irana get retribution from Garrett for learning English through old books? All in all a slow read. In Afghanistan, to be specific. While reading her book I tried to find connections between the story and its title, though at first it was quiet difficult to do so, I found that the deeper i read into the johannsen the more the title began to have meaning and occasionally even changed its meaning for different chapters.

Books by Iris Johansen. My only problem is that due to the fact that i’ve read so many Iris Johansen books, I know her pattern of writing, and it has become fairly preditctable.

I like strong female characters, and have read many books with such in the last few years.