The Use of a Representative Form [IMM ]. Purpose: For appointing a representative for doing business on behalf of the applicant and the. Help! We dont have representative/agency.. But im confused. Do i (applicant) need to accomplish imm and put my spouse (sponsor) as my. Today I received an email from cic to submit form IMM Use of representative. There is one field in the form which says: “If you have.

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This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada staff.

All applicants who use 54476 representative compensated or uncompensated must submit a Use of a Representative form IMM which discloses the name and contact information of any representative providing representation or advice at any stage of an application under the Citizenship Act or Immigration and Refugee Protection Act IRPA. Please note that this Use of a Representative form is not applicable for passport applications or any proceedings under the Canadian Passport Order.

Both the applicant and the representative compensated or uncompensated must sign the Use of a Representative form IMM Once the application provides im, the necessary information required to satisfy R10 and the application is signed both by the applicant and by the representative, it is considered complete and should be processed. If the information is incomplete, the application will be returned as per R Returned applications are discussed later in this section.


3. Which immigration forms should each family member complete?

The regulatory amendments to paragraphs 10 2 c. This means neither the immigration applicant nor their counsel are required to inform the GC of the essence of any solicitor-client communications.

Paragraphs 10 2 c. For citizenship applications, if the application satisfies all the conditions as outlined in the C itizenship Act and its regulations, the application should be processed as per section 13 of the Citizenship Act. As more specifically provided under the Citizenship Regulations No.

As a result, if. The application will not be accepted for processing and will be returned to the applicant.

How to Sign and Validate Your IRCC Forms – Immigroup – We Are Immigration Law

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada IRCC has the authority to 54776 the entire application package and fees, accompanied by the Unauthorized representative letter. To cancel the appointment of a representative without appointing a new one, applicants need to complete sections A, C and D of the IMM To revoke a representative and appoint a new one, sections A, B and D need to be completed, as the new appointment will cancel the previous one.

See instructions on notifying IRCC about changes. To prevent the problem of conflicting direction or information and to ensure that the authorized representative is at all times ultimately responsible for the file, only one representative may be named per application.

If imn than one authorized representative has been identified on the submitted IMMthe applicant or the representative should be contacted by phone to discuss the situation and additional name s should be removed if possible. This is preferable to returning the application, as it gives the applicant an opportunity to rectify the problem. For citizenship applications, if this situation arises, the jmm would be returned and not accepted for processing as the IMM was not properly kmm.


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Skip to main content Skip to “About this site”. Solicitor — Client privilege. As a result, if the application is not made in the prescribed form 55476 manner, or any of the information required in the prescribed form is missing or not completed, or the application is not accompanied by the necessary supporting evidence and fees, then the application will not satisfy all the conditions under section 13 of the Act.

The Use of a Representative Form [IMM 5476]

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Use of a Representative Form (IMM ) – video dailymotion

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