IEC DETERMINATION OF TRANSFORMER AND REACTOR SOUND LEVELS. IEC Ed. Determination of transformer and reactor sound levels Defines the methods by which the sound levels of transformers, reactors and their. Find the most up-to-date version of IEC at Engineering

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Power Transformer

Three phases, three windings oil immersed and installation advertisement. Page 1 of 19 B. Standards The design, manufacturing, materials, testing of the transformers shall comply with General Technical Specifications, Special Technical Specifications and with the latest revision of the following IEC publications and Climate condition tropical: IEC Supervision and cutting devices of low voltages. Iev load tap changer devices.

Three phases, three windings oil immersed and installation outdoor Transformer. Vector group and symbol: Method of neutral system: Directly earth – LV: Page 2 of 19 8. Degree of temperature rise: General requirements for transformer 1.

It shall be design to steady and withstand full vacuum. On the fitting current bushing position must be tackle re-induction current. On exterior surface of tank shall be recovered by permit oil and rain water material.

Colors of tank must be suitable for radiation heat of transformer. Core and windings The core shall be built up of high-grade, non-ageing, low-loss, high permeability, cold-rolled, grain-orientated silicon sheet steel. The steel shall be of thin laminations, annealed after cutting and rolled, to ensure smooth surfaces at the edges. Both sides of each sheet shall be insulated with durable hot oil and heat-resistant baker enamel, varnish, or other chemical treatment, subject to the approval of the Employer’s Representative.

The cores isc be clamped and braced to withstand, without damage or deformation, the forces caused by short-circuit stresses, transportation, or handling, and to prevent the shifting of the core laminations. The clamp assemble and structure shall be of a, non-magnetic type, and shall be effectively insulated and tightened so to ensure an even pressure on the whole core assembly and are not loosened by vibrations caused by transport and operation.

The core clamping structure shall kec form closed loops and shall withstand a voltage, to the core and tank, of not less than 2. Ifc per 1 min. It shall be earthed in one point, which shall be brought out through the cover and earthed externally.

The core shall be ied suitable ducts for efficient oil cooling. Lifting eyes or lugs shall be provided at suitable points of the core assembly.

Page 4 of 19 – The Winding shall be of electrolytic high quality copper, section and resistance must be equal. The windings must be construction steady and withstands forces caused by short-circuit stresses – The insulation material shall be highly quality and designed as to obtain an optimal value for series and shunt capacities in order to have a favorable distribution of the voltage for full waves and chopped waves. Bushings – kV Bushings: The bushings shall be designed with test tap and prism a type glass with gasket.


Oil and gaskets system 4. The oil shall be a highly refined mineral oil suitable for use as an insulating and cooling medium in transformers. For each conservator a synthetic diaphragm ensuring an airtight seal shall be provided.

Additionally, for protection of the space above the diaphragm, a silicagel air drier shall be provided. It shall be arrangement balance pressure valves. Fans The fans system including two groups Fans control: Manuel and auto operation. The fans groups shall design separate operation and independence to make sure two fans not stop at on.

Page 5 of 19 Power supply for fans-motor: The fans – motor high speed, low of noise and sign rotation. The fans shall be safe kipping and separate protection by over temperature and magnetic equipments. The fans auto operation starts by top oil temperature and load carrying.

A signal for start from phase B current bushing The radiators shall be provided with sectionalizing valves, to make possible their removal without disturbing the transformer.

Motor control by signal of top oil thermometer: The MCB operates over temperatures and magnetic. The control and protection equipment of the fan- motors will be contained in a metallic weather-proof cabinet, mounted on the transformer and with provided: Radiator – The radiator shall be design and arrangement to enable easy cleaning and recover by hand.

On load tap changers: On load auto regulation voltage provided any characteristic of load. On load auto regulation voltage shall be supervision, lock out, signal and parallel Transformers functions. Auto regulation voltage assembled in remote control cubicle. Page 7 of 19 – Equipment shall be provided supervision tap changers in times of step by step.

If over time set, equipment start lock out and alarm or start protection. HV bushing current transformers – Must be three secondary winding. Current transformer used supervision HV winding temperature arrangement on B phase bushing. Local cabinet control and remote control cubicle 8.

BS EN 60551:1993

Local control cabinet Page 8 of 19 Each transformer shall be fitted with a control cabinet of welded sheet steel housing, mounted on the transformer tank with vibration dampers, in a position easily accessible from ground level. The cabinet fitted on the transformer tank. Degree of protection by enclosure: IP41 The cabinet shall contain all control and protective equipment for the cooling fan system, as well as the termination of all secondary circuits.

The internal arrangement of the cabinet shall keep the various circuits clearly separated from each other, permitting easy and safe independent maintenance and repair of each of them without disturbing the others.

The control cabinet shall contain: Remote control cubicle AVR: The cubicle fitted on control room. The remote control cubicle shall contain: Over voltage, under voltage protection. Cable connecting Cable connected equipment on the transformer shall be provided: Page 10 of 19 All sections is not carrying electrical, cubicle, frame of equipment must be designed earth terminals. Supervisions and protection equipment Transformer shall be provided including: It shall be with max needles and with compensation functions.


The thermometer with 4 bands temperature and 4 double contacts normal open The thermometer can be connect display screen remote. Thermometers with needle and scale C, It shall be with max needle and with compensation functions. The thermometer with 4 bands temperature and 4 double contacts normal open The thermometer can be connect display screen remote – Flow oil relay with 01 contact signal trip circuit break.

Oil separate air by rubber envelope on conservator. Terminals and clamps – kV direction: Terminal and clamp out side used ACSR mm2 connector. Terminal and clamp out side used M mm2 conductors and insulator frame. Outdoor Terminal and clamp out side used solid copper connected 02 open delta terminal and earthing Trademark and equipment on Tank The trademark made by steel plate thick over 2mm and not oxide.

It shall be permitted rain water and fitted in a position easily for operating Information content: Total, transport, core and winding and weight oil. All equipment accessories shall be sign and guide on operating and maintenance.

Weight of Transformer According to manufacture. Dimensions of Transformer Total dimension of transformer including radiator IV Factory Tests and complete transformers The following tests shall be carried out at the Manufacturer’s works in the presence of the Employer’s Representative on transformers to be provided, in accordance with the requirements set out in IEC Publication No.

Tests report shall be including: Equipment used in testing must be certification quality by quality national.

IEC | IEC Webstore

Supplier shall be sending to plan of factory tests before 20days. The plant shall be conform and supervision in during testing. Assembly, testing and check before acceptance. The Power transformers are located, tests, sign on conform closed electrical and check and take over by professional of manufacture.

Check and take over group control and to witness 72 hour on construction site. To assign transfer and test reports on construction sit according to fix standards. Technical Documents 1 Arrangement document Within irc days of receipt of sign contractManufacture supplies 03 documents templates and drawings: Page 13 of 19 If content of document difference of contract, manufacture must to report and notice boar to compare of difference parts.

After received letterwithin 05 days, buyer will be make answer by letter. After received request, manufacture supplies document corrected until approval by buyer.