(Stefica Cvek in the Jaws of Life; ) of the Croat Dubravka Ugresic, or Lumea in doua zile (The World in Two Days; ) of the Romanian George Balaita. George Balaita’s Lumea in doua zile ( 5; A World in Two Days) mixes fantastic-metaphysical insertions among realistic narratives on political themes. dams ophthal test · George Balaita – Lumea in Doua Zile (Polirom – Fiction Ltd) · Tesla lawsuit · Relacion de Niños de La Seccion ·

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Yes, the old man will shout, and the tape recorder spool will conserve in its memory that meaningless word, takecareoldmanaugustfastenthepadlockafteryouchecktheyalelock. Afterwards, but not much later, the joke took a monstrous turn. A hermit spent forty years in the wilderness meditating.

Our times have discovered the boundary. Cuza University in Jassy in and subsequently worked as a draughtsman, supply teacher and P. How could it be a well?

Contemporary Romanian Writers – George Balaita

And I know that you know. What balait you want to know? You may not be aware of it, but it was I who made the bet with Antipa. Seven years hence, Judge Viziru will arrive in Albala.

Downstairs, they will shut up shop. When they are very ill, religious believers pray with humility and in return for their health, they undertake to make sacrifices, offerings, as they say nowadays, to God.


All rights available Book presentation In a provincial town, Antipa, a commuting functionary, is amusing himself with some friends. Are we dealing with a seer or a charlatan? A broad-brimmed hat would be completely out of the question.

The same as he georve today, seven years hence old man August the hatter will be wearing a rather long, slightly rumpled light-coloured coat with wide lapels, a waistcoat underneath, not very wide trousers, you douaa even say they are narrow, quite long in the leg, so that from his boots almost as far as the knee they are like a corrugated tube or a concertina or something of the sort.

Certainly, the old man will say.

Contemporary Romanian Writers – George Balaita – Lumea in doua zile / The World in Two Days

I am not yet cured. Very well then, replied the hermit calmly, life is not a well! Perhaps you are too old to know it, mister hatter, you come from long ago. And it is on his account that I have to get to the bottom of it all.

Oho, your honour, you do have a way of putting things. As a joke, he wagers at random on the life and death of some acquaintances. Insignificant objects that the deceased had not been able to take with him. Or there ought to be. Our old water heater has conked out. It is a spectacle, which sets out to reinterpret one of the greatest writers in Romanian literature.


Will he be any older? Were any of his old acquaintances to see Judge Viziru, he would say that seven years truly have left their mark on him.

Are we dealing with a seer or a charlatan? It all started from a joke.

George Bălăiță

Granted, they were trousers of all sizes and kinds: But old man August the hatter will say: Inhe moved to Bucharest, where he held the position of secretary to the Writers Union. Judge Viziru will climb the wooden stair. Judge Viziru will remain in Albala a long time. His books, which have been published in numerous editions and translated into a number of languages, include Calatoria The Voyage,Llumea despre Ionescu Conversing about Ionescu,Intimplari din Noaptea Soarelui de Lapte After the death of old i Iacubovici, the hatter will, at last, work with an electric iron.

Perhaps he will count the steps. It will grow dark. But who will remember old man Iacubovici the trousers maker?