Since Pep Guardiola’s naming as trainer of FC Barcelona’s 1st team, Professor Seirul-lo has collaborated closely with Guardiola to build what. To listen to Paco , a master teacher of physical preparation, is always a treat for the mind, body and soul. Nobody can dissect football. @article{DBLP:journals/ijcssport/Vargas03, author = {Francisco Seirul{-}lo Vargas}, title = {Dynamic Systems and Performance in Team Sports}, journal = { Int. J.

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The variability of these situations tests cognitive and specific conditional capacities which must be continuously trained to reach that perfection of the technical ability.

Then it was time to put pragmatic and illustrated cases forward from the Barcelona squad. There exist sport specialities in which this process is more difficult, and it can even be interfered with the specific rules.

Cinematic studies allow to know both segmentary and global speeds, accelerations, etc.

Revealed: The secrets of the Barcelona method have been unveiled

For sports practiced with an ll, Gulinelli understands technique as the possibility to solve variable competitive situations. The difference is that now, the possible motor solutions to competitive situations must be, in most of the cases, a product of personal elaboration of the athlete and his creative capacity.

It is implemented through certain movement forms that the athlete performs during the practice of his sport. All described factors will have differential influence in each sport specialty.

Thus, it is an indirect measurement ffancisco assessment of technique.

STRUCTURES OF THE ATHLETE ¬∑ SPORT PERSON – Seirul¬∑lo Vargas, Francisco –

Gulinelli holds that in artistics sports the technique have to increase the fracisco and expressivity of movement external-aesthetic assessment, and internal-informative and psychological assessments are the most important. He continues to hold both roles to this date, and in this capacity he has worked with such legendary soccer coaches as: Accordingly, it is necessary to modify the franfisco application of the Cartesian paradigm in such a way that we can provide more adequate solutions to explain the complexity of team sports.


Higgins proposes that the athlete must adapt and transfer his ability to the predominant conditions of environment.

Our proposal is to build channels of access between these theories and the different levels of the training process of team sports. It is now time to discuss how to improve a technical skill; however, it is impossible to describe all the training process of all different sports, due to the nature of this article.

When asked if he could play as a central midfielder, Seirul.

BibTeX records: Francisco Seirul-lo Vargas

For this reason, there is a need for a more specific approach to the concept of technique. Unfortunately this value is marginalized by several coaches, except in those sport disciplines in which this concept is evaluated as part of performance. Methods of cognitive training must reach a profound knowledge of the sport and sport specialty, or of the specific position to which the athlete must adapt all the achieved skills.

Neumeier also states that at this determinant phase of execution the role of the technique is to reach maximal acceleration. Added to that, motor learning is a part of training of the coordination capacities. More recently, Nadori define three levels under the following epigraphs: Therefore, such factors must be taught preferentially in order to develop technical skills adequated to the competitive needs.

Our shipping costs are calculated with respect to the price of the order, the larger your order the lower the amount to be paid. Together with the coach, Valero Rivera, he built the entire training structure that over serul enabled the FC Barcelona Handball team to obtain the best international results ever obtained in this sport.

Francixco purchase of our ebooks is permanent. It is franclsco, therefore, on motor experimentation of all movement capacities. Firstly, the simulated situation must always make use of the Cognitive Structure.

All of them are external, alien seiful the athlete. Apunts Medicina de l’Esport, 24 93 But, how this ideal technical model is established? How La Liga’s top scorers chart looks at the end of Figure 9 is a representation of such seurul systems. Therefore, seorul think that does not exist an ideal model, but the ideal model for each sportsman, which will depend upon his ability to perform during real competitive situations with reference to his possibilities to solve efficiently the situations proposed in that moment.


Introduction to the Concept of Technique 2. Technique and its Training.

The Meaning of Technique in Different Sports. Verjoshanskij develop different meanings of technique even within the same sport athletics.

Each structure must be considered as the expression of underlying processes. It is the product of research that proposes a concrete movement to be performed as the most effective. On the other hand, technical training sierul a more complex process that affects the improvement of all technical factors, and it includes among them the motor learning as well as all other components set out figure 4.

Model of a Structural Micro-cycle. Instead, the defensive line has a process of playing in each part of the pitch.

dblp: BibTeX records: Francisco Seirul-lo Vargas

In December the team won the World Club Championship, becoming the first team in history to win every trophy in the sport -6 of 6- in the same year. Stage in which the sportsman, owner of his technique, is able to create new ability forms, identifying them as something personal and, simultaneously, such new skills are as an additional stimulus to stay many years practicing sport.

Continue shopping Proceed to checkout. All differential priorities are equally integrated in the total synthesis prior to competition. The interrelation is so that a single factor modify all others; and external aspects are the manifestation of all of them together.

Translated and adapted by David Ribera-Nebot. Gentile only define two stages, while Meinel develops francsico three levels of dominion: We believe that there is lack of a third or fourth stage of technical training.