Electrotecnia. Fundamentos teóricos y aplicaciones prácticas. Gray Alexander, Wallace. Aguilar – Foto Libros de Segunda Mano – Ciencias, Manuales y Oficios – Física, Química y Matemáticas: wallace. Compra, venta y subastas de Física. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Electrotecnia: fundamentos teóricos y aplicaciones prácticas / por Alexander Gray y G. A. Wallace | Traducción de.

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The threshold value Threshold B will be selected based on the value of the feature in the events marked by the expert. Available online at www.

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The patients in Fig. The classification stage implemented in the detector is a simple thresholding based on two features. Karrenbauer; Propagation of travelling waves on overhead lines for variation tower configuration and its effects on the shape of recovery voltage for short line faults. Then, the threshold values are varied to minimize the number of false positive pre-detections with maximum ratio of broadband to narrowband signal amplitude lower than Threshold A and maximum RMS value larger than Threshold B, always for the previously computed number of true positive pre-detections fulfilling the same conditions.

Mapping interictal oscillations greater than Hz recorded with intracranial macroelectrodes in human wwallace. The number of marks varies in a large range among the patients between 3 and subject wallaec events per patient graay, and the number of patients is not too large.

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Percentage of the spikes with simultaneous high frequency activity, total number of channel level events and percentage of them occuring at the same time as a spike. The duration of epilepsy in the 15 patients was Electrical energy, direct current, alternating.

A computational model for auditorium design.

The high frequency oscillations appear to be a good indicator of the seizure onset zone Zijlmans et al. In this study, at the S95 operating point, we have 8 patients with RD below 0.

In this case the channel ordering derived from the expert reviewer is the gold standard, and the analysis is not restricted to true positives. We wallave also see in the table that the overall subject level false positive rate is 1. Two possible operating points are indicated on the curves. S2we show performance curves for different parameter values. Interictal fast oscillations were specific in identifying children with epilepsy and localized ictal onsets Wu et al.

IA, ppMar.

Doctoral Dissertation, Muniich, [54] H. Cortical substrates of scalp EEG epileptiform discharges. Note that for each subject level event we have a sensitivity and specificity value. The mean number of channels involved in a subject level event is almost the same for the automatic detector at S86 and the expert.

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Rafael Ramirez T, S rafael. As seen in Section 2.


To quantify this aspect of the performance we report the ranking distance RD Zelmann et al. We implement this classification on the subject level pre-detector results. The proposed algorithm was able to detect the events marked by the reviewer, which were limited to Hz. The proportionality constant c should be chosen as low as possible to have a high sensitivity, but if it is too low there will be detections at some frequency band and channel almost anytime, leading to very long and unrepresentative channel and subject level events.

Given the large number of patients with activity in the fast-gamma and ripple band, it would be of interest to investigate oscillations in the fast ripple band. Parte 2 Fondo Educativo Interamericano, [50] A. Then, the narrowbands used to detect the FOs should not be wider than the bandwidth of these FOs.

In patients with RD around 0. High agreement but low kappa: Canadian Skills Modelling of electric power systems in steady state, during short circuits and during other More information.