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Agree and head outside. You will find him near the shrine 7. Talk to Barla Darksmith Time to visit Barla 5. The trick is that each of the statues rotates a different number of statues – one only rotates itself, the second rotates two, the third rotates three and the fourth rotates each of them. Talk to guard Hassler you won’t learn much from him but he will point you to the person leading the investigation – Barla Darksmith 5.

Report to Barla Relate your findings Barla 5. Talk to her and use your social skills to get the dog bone.

Continue the conversation and try to convince them to stop robbing graves. You will also receive an owl skull, which will come in handy later. You will learn that there is a special password. Goldtooth Jallik will appear on the street and start following you – don’t mind him and just walk in any direction. Investigate Dragon’s murder Gather the information on the porradnik The murder took place in Port Ugdan.

Saphira’s owl skull Break the yime After completing Earn Alvina’s trust there will be an ambush awaiting you in the mansion 9 you will have to fight some Inquisition soldiers Talk to Heidrune Summon Heidrune Having all four owl skulls you can head down to the witches’ dancing place M7 porarnik Find Dranor You have to complete Find the Bandit hideout.

Once they both hall unconscious to the ground it will be up to you to fight Valonion.

Fight him and his cultist-transformed companions and watch the cinematic after you bring him down. The group that you will need to stop is composed of orcs supported by a powerful ogre. The only one you know seems to be Porwdnik, so you should head out and talk to him. Once the fight is over Ancoron will join your party.


poradnik do drakensang the river of time chomikuj – video dailymotion

The Stolen Knowledge 1. She won’t be much of an assistance so head out. Head there to learn that Jessice who is somewhere in the Wagoner’s Home is probably next target of the murderers. Tell her that you need to get to the ruins.

Soon you will be attacked by a group of Dark Eyes. I know about the incident You drakensajg learn that some time has passed since he disappeared into the marshes. Tell Thalya about your success Return to Thalya and tell her that the undead are gone. Jest on widoczny tylko dla ciebie. Try to resolve the matter without bloodshed. He will ask you to find a replacement beard for him – the best possible one would be the fur of the dog he drqkensang.

Your new goal will be retrieving the Adamantine Heart. Fire Opals Stolen knowledge Help Yasmin You will encounter the first witch just after passing the bridge.

Before taking it you will have to fight some harpies. Bring the mandragor drakensqng the abbot Return to the abbot and give him the mandragor. Hand the prisoner to Arngeld 4 and leave the camp.

Talk to him in a right way and you should be able to avoid a fight: The beast is constantly breathing fire so you should use the ointment on each of your party members, and once it ceases to work, put it on again. The simplest way is clicking the first hen on the left four times, the second two times and the last one once. Join in and kill the robbers. Talk to her and use Fast Talk or Seduce her to give you Danos.


The trouble at “Fleet Footed Ferret” Workers 21 are standing near the inn.

You can give him either 1 Farthing, 1 Thaler or rive Ducat. The Tamer will ask you to try and tame the bear. In one of the rooms you will find Niame. Ask Rakorium for advice A good starting point would be Rakorium, whom you’ll find in your home 7. On your way you will come across an orc camp in which Gondwin 4 is being held.


Some undead will await you here, along with their leader – skeleton mage, Meredin 2. Find the chest and open it The chest is right besides the shrine 7.

Before he believes you he will test your knowledge of the Grand Inquisitor da Vanya. The Archmage will look into the Dragon’s Eye and will tell you that you should now go to Murlosh, but in order to get ooradnik you will need a permit given by the dwarven king Arombolosh.

After they’re done talking they will go to hide the loot. Find hunter Owlstone Your mission is to find Owlstone. A fine mix of spices After completing Earn Saphira’s trust the witch 18 will give or spices that you need to give to the cook.