View and Download Avid Technology VENUE SC48 manual online. SC48 Welcome to the VENUE SC48 live sound mixing console from Digidesign®. console by dropping SC48 right into an existing cabling system. live sound systems operate under easy-to-use VENUE software, simply learn it once and you. SC48 Guide – Read more about input, output, channels, venue, snapshots and snapshot.

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Aux 9—16 Assigns the Output Faders to Aux 9—16 levels.

VENUE SC48 User Manual

Options since changes to these settings can interrupt audio. It should remain accessible after installation.

Press Enter on the keyboard. Page 3 16 The janual should be connected to a properly-grounded earthed receptacle.

Snapshots are commonly used to store the mixer setup and levels for individual scenes, songs or sound cues in a performance.

sc8 To print the manual completely, please, download it. For Viewing Aux Bus Assignments linked bus pairs: To restart the system: Click to choose a Main Bus mode. To add or edit comments for a snapshot: Testing Events Event List. Go to the Options page and click the Devices tab.

You can also trigger time-consuming but frequently performed actions using Events.

Digidesign SC48 – SFL

Flex Channel Flex Channel, letting you keep constant control over your most important signal. Channel Names and Presets New presets automatically inherit the current Input Channel Name, or you can give them a custom name in the Presets window.


Function switches and background colors for Channel Con- trol are listed in manaul following table. Page of Go.

Achieve amazing sound – live SC48 is a powerful performer, enabling you to create multifaceted mixes in stunning sound quality. Introduction To Venue Sc48 Chapter 1: You can assign plug-ins to spe Use Undo with caution in perfor- Click the green Enable icon in the row for the desired snap- mance.

Adding an AO16 or XO16 output expansion card will add outputs to slot E, and those hardware outputs will be numbered 17— Page 33 User This switch is reserved for future use. Selected Chan sections also known digidesitn the Clip and Peak hold. Press another Graphic EQ band switch or click on-screen to select another bank of graphic EQ bands and adjust as needed.

Avid Technology VENUE SC48 Manual

If you proceed with the removal: Connect mics, devices, and more through a variety of inputs and outputs on the back of the console. Press the Pan switch in the Output encoder section. Shape sounds to perfection with a wide array of EQs and filters.

Play pre-show or walk-on music by connecting a music player to the 2-track analog or digital ins. Double-click the channel name. Matrix Mixers The Outputs section offers 8 mono or up to four paris of stereo-linked Matrix mixers for setting up alternate mixes, fill and delay feeds, and cue, monitor or press mixes.


While the system is locked: Record straight into Pro Tools Experience the most powerful live recording and playback capabilities in the industry. Using Flip to Faders, it is possible to control send level from When multiple channels are selected, the Channel Name dis- the faders, and pan on the encoders. Control all software functions remotely over a wired or wireless Ethernet device. Channels that feed User Inputs and Auxes pre-insert will not be fully compensated for.

Routing Channels In The Patchbay To suppress the reassignment warning dialog, hold Default on the control surface or Alt on the computer keyboard while clicking in the patch grid. Presets can be ac- side-chain triggering. Adjust one of the 16 faders controlling the selected graphic EQ bands. Page – Chapter Aux Sends This chapter explains the following Aux Sends operations: