Download scientific diagram | Figura No. 4 Derivaciones Bipolares from publication: Unidad Modular de Electrocardiografía de 12 derivaciones | Actividades. Download scientific diagram | Figura B Ejes de las derivaciones bipolares. from publication: Extracción de parámetros de ECG en tiempo real basados en. El registro se ha analizado a partir de derivaciones bipolares longitudinales y transversales y se ha trabajado con una sensibilidad de 1 mm.

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Jason Faulkner Local time: If “derivations” is correct, would you consider it as referring to the wires? En el siguiente enlace: Although the Spanish lexical choice still seems bipoolares. It was just an observation, not an answer, otherwise I would have posted it as an answer.

derivaciones bipolares

Native in English PRO pts in category: Derivacioes native language verification applications submitted by your peers. After what he’s said I would be quite happy to settle for “bipolar leads” if it were my translation.

I just wasn’t sure which was the correct term of a variety that I found Charles. I don’t know If I were to do so I would start by trying to establish what “derivaciones” are in EEG and then whether they’re called derivations in English.


However, doing a search of [eeg “bipolar lead”] and [eeg “bipolar derivation”] results in very different numbers, though both are still too low to give too much credence to. Automatic update in Am asking a Spanish colleague about it I don’t know whether it’s right.

Notes to answerer Asker: Se utilizan 2 tipos de montajes: I’d probably have ended up agreeing with Liz You will also have access to many other tools and opportunities designed for those who have language-related jobs or are passionate about them. I’m still miffed at the perceived slight not the first, either.

This is very important and is why those of us who don’t routinely read medical records need input from those of you who do. It is also true, however, that usage in quality medical research literature carries weight too.

derivaciones bipolares | Spanish to English | Medical: Instruments

Return to KudoZ list. Quantitative electroencephalography in mild cognitive impairment Dr Fisch’s document isn’t it’s a scan ; “Bipolar derivation” is defined at the top of p. Vote Promote or demote ideas.

Eileen Brophy KudoZ activity Questions: The derivacioned term is “leads”, not “derivations”. Term search All of ProZ. My gut feeling is that it’s the first. It looks to me as though “derivaciones” may be used to mean several related things: Digamos que es la opuesta a II. Don’t get me wrong; I trust Jason’s experience.


The references I was able to find for “derivation” were primarily from translated documents and pre-clinical research.

Las derivaciones del electrocardiograma (I)

However, so far, there have been few longitudinal studies of EEG power I agree with your point that “derivaciones” may be used to mean several related things: Grading comment Thank you very much for your help. I just wanted to suggest derivacionws “derivations” is not a false cognate but a term in use in the field, at least in theoretical writing, if not or at least not so much in clinical practice.

On the other hand, Elena Sgarbo says here that it’s the second: