Ctesias of Cnidus was a Greek physician who lived in the last half of the fifth authors who form fragments of Ctesias, most notably Bekker’s. Ctesias returned to Greece in and began writing his Persica, a history of Assyria-Babylonia in 23 books. Books I–VI included a history of Assyria and the. CTESIAS (Gk. Ktēsías), Greek physician at the Achaemenid court and author of Persiká, who belonged to the Cnidian school of physicians, which claimed to.

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Megabyzus replied that he was ready to do so, but on condition that he should not be obliged to appear at court again, and should be allowed to remain in his satrapy. After they had given and taken the most solemn pledges, they admitted to their counsels Artasyras and Bagapates, who kept all the keys of the palace. This Hellenized version of Persian culture was enormously influential in antiquity, shaping Greek stereotypes of effeminate Persian monarchs, licentious and vengeful queens, and conniving eunuchs.

While Zopyrus was mounting the wall, a Caunian named Alcides hit him on the head with a stone and killed him. Darius, seeing that the bow of the Scythians was stronger, turned back and fled across the bridges, destroying some of them in his haste before the entire army had crossed.

His other confidential advisers were the aged Mardonius and Matacas the eunuch.

Photius’ Excerpt of Ctesias’ Persica – Livius

He not only disagrees with Herodotus, but also in some respects with Xenophon the son of Gryllus. Demaratus the Spartan, who arrived there first and accompanied Xerxes across, dissuaded him from invading Sparta.

Mitradates having boasted at table of having killed Cyrus, Parysatis demanded that he should be given up to her, and having got him into her hands, put him to death with great cruelty. You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind.


His work thus represents an important step in the development toward a kind of historiography distinguished by pathos or melodrama, rather than historical truth. Parysatis, when playing at dice with the king, won the game and Bagapates dtesias the prize, and afterwards had him flayed alive and crucified.

Statira, seeing that Parysatis was eating her own portion, eprsica no suspicions, and took the fatal poison. Jacoby, in Pauly-Wissowa, cols. Views Read Edit View history. Although he reproaches Herodotus for his old wives’ tales, he is not free from the same defect, especially in his account of India. He therefore sent Achaemenides his brother withinfantry and eighty ships.

Clearchus the Spartan, who was in command of the Greeks, and Menon the Thessalian, who accompanied Cyrus, were always at variance, because Cyrus took the advice of Clearchus in everything, while Menon was disregarded.

If ctesoas want to examine a book for possible course use, please see our Course Books page.

Artaxerxes himself was desirous of taking part in the expedition, but his ctesas dissuaded him. It was Bagapates who had cut off his head by order of Artaxerxes. Parysatis having relented, Ochus spared Statira’s life, but at the same time told Parysatis that she would one day greatly regret it.

Brown has attempted to demonstrate its validity. Nevertheless, Megabyzus revealed the plot, the guilty conduct of Artapanus came to light, and he met the death which he had intended for Artaxerxes. The Persians suffered a severe defeat, Mardonius ctesis wounded and obliged to take to persicx. He obviously considered that he had more authentic and reliable information.

The first battle was indecisive, but in a second, the Bactrians were defeated because the wind blew in their faces, and persifa whole of Bactria submitted. Only a few excerpts have been preserved. A strong wind sprang up and heaped a quantity of earth upon his body, which formed a natural tomb.

The Derbices suddenly brought up some elephants which had been kept in ambush, and put Cyrus’ cavalry to flight. At the sight of them he jumped up, but finding no weapon ctesiax to hand for Bagapates had secretly removed them all he smashed a chair made of gold and defended himself with one of the legs, but was finally stabbed to death by the seven.


The Complete Fragments of Ctesias of Cnidus

At Babylonwhile carving a piece of wood with a knife for his amusement, he accidentally wounded himself in the thigh, and died eleven days afterwards, in the eighteenth year of his reign. Megabyzus wounded Inarus in the thigh, and put him to flight, and the Persians obtained a complete victory. On the intercession of Amestris and Amytis, the king became reconciled to him and admitted him to his table as before.

When his answer oersica reported to the king, the Paphlagonian eunuch Artoxares and Amestris urged him to make peace without delay. He uses the Ionic dialect, not throughout, as Herodotus does, but only in certain expressions, nor does he, like Herodotus, interrupt the thread of his narrative by ill-timed digressions. Indeed, Photius commented that first-hand references were characteristic of Prrsica cf.

In this capacity he was sent via Cyprus and Cnidus to negotiate with Sparta in about BCE, but he seems to have been captured in Rhodes, where he was unsuccessfully tried for serving the interests of Persia Jacoby, Fragmentep.

He was joined by Arbarius, commander of the cavalry, and Arxanes, satrap of Egypt. Whether or not he really intended to return to the Persian court is unknown, but in the event he settled in his native Cnidus at some time persic BCE.

Here the seventeenth book ends.

Megabyzus died at the age of seventy-six, deeply mourned by the king. The whole of Egypt then became subject to Cambyses.