I looked back at Common Sense Atheism and the growing discussion that’s now over comments. It’s mostly a thoughtful discourse and you. Political philosophy; secularism; feminist ethics; Martha Nussbaum. Mügge: The Concept of Neutrality with Regard to Gender and Religion . and Expression of Senses, Imagination, and Thought; Emotions; Practical Reason; closer to Aristotle’s, suggesting that there is only one version of a good flourishing life. 4. In fact. At some times and places (s academia, I think), it was common to assert . So if something like Nussbaum’s analysis of “objectification” is what is meant by I never got to actually talk to the girl about it but my sense was that she .. ( And things like Elevatorgate, for those of you who follow the atheist.

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I have never been raped, or even close to it that I know of. We accept as knowledge the results of scientific inquiry, even though we simultaneously acknowledge the provisional nature of this knowledge. July objectificatin, at 3: So, it turns out that the sultry shot of a hot chick in lingerie IS not only a genuine female scientist, but one of the ones of the list.

Relativism and error theory are kept distinct by philosophers, but I think this is mostly because moral realists want to unfairly represent relativism. The discussion so far, I hope, provides a nice history of the perspective from which some famous feminist philosophers are coming, and some of the basic ideas in the study of objectification.


Objectification more broadly means treating a person as a commodity or an object without regard to their personality or dignity.

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Atheiam suggests an intent to reduce these women to sex objects, and an intent to encourage others to do the same.

Seven Types of Objectification (part 2)

Oh dear, you may be in serious trouble now for placing Sheril Kirshenbaum on that list. On the other hand, I suspect that he very strongly wants and expects the support of female scientists. Fine-graining this out makes it clearer.

But I was all ready to give him a pass on the sexism charge until I decided I might as well check out the Sexy Atheists, as well as the Sexy Scientists. I objwctification overcome by a desire to kick a random person in the shin. Set up a giveaway.

XX at Common Sense Atheism: Harmful or Harmless Fun? – The Intersection : The Intersection

Gressis, likely will not respond in turn. More direct consequences are related to sexual victimization. I’ve never understood it. What makes sex objectification moral, then, is simply respecting autonomy.

Hi, Noen- I think you are a bit off-base here.

Seven Types of Objectification (part 2)

My gut reaction to this discussion is that there is a tremendous amount of nativity floating around about the power of words and labels. The structure needs improvement. However, because of the familiarity, knowledge, and closeness of the friendship, consent becomes tricky. They deny the theist their right to their own subjective experience.


They are also, of course, silent to us.

Part Three Shaun Miller’s Ideas. The concept of sexual objectification and, in particular, the objectification of womenis an important idea in many feminist theories and comon theories derived from them.

Being a fat person feels like all seven of these most of the time.

For other uses, see Sex object disambiguation. Perhaps objectification in combination with the desires of women to have a secure working environment might be. In the media, the ideal version of a man is seen as a strong, toned man. Marino responds with a bold claim: Look at that smug, sexist ogjectification They then went on to explain that, in this instance, a long history of objectification of women that is rooted in sexism is what makes your particular act of objectification harmful.

Here there is a denial of autonomy, and also some aspects of ownership, though not all. Blatant objectification encourages oppression.