The median time to onset of meningitis was 26 days (range, 7–) after AE. o intratecal (3), electroestimulación epidural (1) y anestesia epidural (1). Tuvieron fiebre 8 casos (%) y cefalea 7 (87,5%), cursando con rigidez de nuca 4. El padre de la anestesia epidural, August Bier, reportó en el primer . Samayoa F, Ramos N, Sánchez A. Cefalea post punción dural al. Cefalea post-punción en pacientes sometidas a cesárea bajo anestesia en la incidencia de cefalea post-punción dural (CPPD) en relación con la posición en la .. puncture and occasionally, may accidentally occur in epidural anesthesia.

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Atraumatic needle reduces the incidence of post-lumbar puncture syndrome. Use of atraumatic spinal needles among neurologists in the United States.

Postdural puncture headache after lumbar puncture: A prospective matched study. Single-shot intrathecal sufentanil with bupivacaine in late labour-analgesic quality and obstetric outcome.

Sliding of the skin over subcutaneous tissue is another important factor in epidural catheter migration. Intrathecal sufentanil and fetal heart rate abnormalities: Patient-controlled analgesia PCA using fentanyl in a parturient with a platelet anestesla abnormality.


Needle type and the risk of post-lumbar puncture headache in the outpatient neurology clinic. Current Opinion in Anaesthesiology.

Survey in the French part of Belgium Wallonia and Brussels. Prevalence study of headache and associated factors. Influence of the pre-operative time in upright sitting position and the needle type on the incidence of post-dural puncture headache PDPH in patients receiving a spinal saddle block for anorectal surgery.

Cluett ER, Burns E. J Obstet Anesth ; Incidence andprediction of postdural puncture headache. However, this technique may fail and provide inadequate or null alleviation to the mother.

Dolores de cabeza por punción lumbar – Síntomas y causas – Mayo Clinic

Do the gauge and the design of a spinal needle matter? Am J Obstet Gynecol ; Anaesth Intensive Care ; Fetal bradycardia due to intrathecal opioids for labour analgesia: Am J Emerg Med. Rainbird A, Epidura J.

Anfstesia alternativa eficaz a la anestesia epidural. A randomized controlled study. Low incidence of post-lumbar puncture headache in 1, consecutive memory clinic patients. Late intravascular migration of a previously well functioning labour epidural catheter.


Epidural analgesia with ropivacaine and sufentanil is associated with transient fetal heart rate changes. Maternal and neonatal side-effects of remifentanil patient-controlled analgesia in labour. J Obstet Gynecol Neonatal Nurs ; Hinova A, Fernando R. Ambas terapias se pueden usar combinadas anestexia secuencialmente para incrementar su efecto global.

Actualización sobre factores de riesgo para cefalea pospunción dural

Fetal complications and neonatal morbidity. Efficacy and side effects of intravenous remifentanil patient-controlled analgesia used in a stepwise approach for labour: A comparative study of the safety of 0.

Post-dural puncture headaches in children. Postdural puncture headache in obstetrics. Algunos fueron frecuentes en el pasado, como la escopolamina cefa,ea el tiopental. Nonpharmacologic relief of pain during labor: Remifentanil patient-controlled analgesia for anestesis Sin embargo, el fentanilo incrementa la tolerancia al dolor sin efectos adversos neuroconductuales en el neonato.