The Assimil line of home-study courses is highly-regarded and, you’re in luck, they have a course in Hungarian from an English base!. Assimil Hungarian With Ease – CDs. In Depth: With the benefit of an unparalleled 2, words in the average Assimil method, and with an even greater number. I started Assimil (Hungarian with Ease I think?) during Pimsleur and am continuing with it now that I’ve finished the 30 Pimsleur lessons. I really.

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I just want to say that I’m wishing you happiness in your new city: Thank you for sharing! I haven’t thought that people want to learn Hungarian. I don’t think Hungarian sounds ugly at all. I agree that it’s too complicated to be a Beginner 1 series, but it has the advantage of being available in all the supported languages.

I do not think it is such a complex languages, but it has a logic on its own and that’s what makes it difficult for most of us. Here is the survey: You could try http: The structures are so particular that Russian grammar seems easy to me afterwards: The Hungarian culture is rich, there are many beautiful things to visit.

Assimil Hungarian With Ease

I don’t find any languages ugly, come to think of it. This is the url: However, there are some elements that are easier. Teach Yourself is a useful bok series: Also, if anyone knows of any good films or novels translated into English, please let me know. There’s a chance I may move to Czech in September. I realized it was way easier for me to learn other languages since I got into Hungarian. What strikes me is the “sh” sound. We could use Skype or mail. They have many synonyms and all of them are used often in the language.


Very different from Indo-European languages, with interesting rythmes. Who is online Users browsing this forum: I’d probably only be about a month into it when you got there, so unless you want to have extensive conversations about what my name is, and where I come from, and potentially what my hobby is, we’ll hunngarian a lot of sign language. I have never done translation. I have created a survey, maybe the Hungarians could fill it in and help me with maybe finding some words or sentence structure adsimil was influenced by English.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you it’s assinil DD It is sometimes frustrating because even if you learn a lot of words, they will use another one just for pleasure, and you’ll be confused. I would add that not surprisingly the Amazon.

Of course I can not judge it. One good thing is I that the pronouciation of hungarian is quit straightforward, and very rythmic. If I moved there, I’d be there for at least 9 months, so I’d make a serious effort to learn Czech. Assimil Hungarian with Ease Oddly enough, I believe this is one of the very few “minority exotic” languages from Assimil’s range which is also available hingarian an edition with English as the teaching language!

Can you help me with that? There you can find a lot of written and spoken texts, colloquial Hungarian too, with grammatical explanations and exercises see bottom of their homepage.


Hungarian – Language Forum @ LingQ

Hungarian learners may find it interesting to know that Euronews recently launched its Hungarian version: This text is a little bit complicated, and sometimes sounds unnatural and formal. I already have Colloquial Hungarian, although I haven’t started looking through it yet. I’ve just moved to Budapest, and I’m wondering assimol anyone is studying Hungarian.

In Hungarian, it is not like this and it’s quite complex So lucky, Budapest is beautiful. I think I will get back to Hungarian at the end of the year.

Assimil Hungarian

I watched a documentary on the Budapest uprising last night, and was reminded how cool and beautiful spoken Hungarian is. If you are in Prague in October we could meet up. They didn’t take up an offer last year from someone who said he would write ancient Greek lessons for LingQ.

Hungarians are usually happy and surprised to hear a few words from a foreigner and hunagrian want to hear more. I definitely want to learn it in the near future. I have no idea with the Hungarian. There are a lot of Hungarian short pieces here: I’m very happy when people want or try to learn my language.