CS Installation Instructions This manual contains installation details for the CS control panels. It provides the basic programming and. CS Installation InstructionsThis manual contains installation details for the CS control panels. It provides the basic programming and inst. You can examine Aritech CS Manuals and User Guides in PDF. View online or download 1 Manuals for Aritech CS Besides, it’s possible to examine.

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Zone is inhibited during partguard protection. Aritech Fire Alarm Manuals – Manual. Confirm changes to the description shown on the display after programming. See also Peridiax feature on page ariteech Wiring of Fire DetectorsFigure Fire Reset Switches with second entry of a valid user code after an alarm or after leaving the user log. Always Rearm The same input when activated, will always retrigger sirens.

Check the zone wiring to ensure that the circuit is closed and that there are no shorts on the cables. Return to previous menu section. Check that the battery fuse is not blown.

It provides the basic programming and installation information required by technicians and engineers.

If wiring is correct the bell should ring. Arittech Input is 24Hrs operational. The pulse count ismonitored after the first triggering in a window of 30s with 1s intervals. Clear after exit Open zones are omitted till the exit time has expired, after which they can detect again.


Keyswitch partially arms system. Bell fuse blows when bells are sounding.


Any combination of the above wiring methods is allowed with the restriction that the total cable length on each of the wiring loops either multidrop or star is restricted to m. Mmanual only a code is allowed to reset, programme for [Reset Code Only]. See also arotech chapter returning to factory default. Aritech Cs User Manual for Mac could be ideal for a company that wants to monitor this product is especially useful, Using A Single Alarm System7.

In this case the exterior bell follows the A Alarm. If not correct, verify the wiring to the keypad and dipswitch ID settings.

Aritech Cs With Battery And Manual For Sale in Thurles, Tipperary from podge3

Bell Cutout nn Timers Menu Time hh: Some types have attributes inherent to them. Alarm zone does not activate system. Replace the cover of amnual RKP and ensure that the tamper switch in the panel is closed.

Aritech reserves the right to change aritsch without notice. Fire Switches with a fire alarm. Features and options are grouped together and allocated to 6 main menu blocks: Factory default code for user code01is [].


Aritech CS350 Manuals

This means that both internal and external bells sound for a programmable number of minutes perimeter bell time. The panel always powers up in Armed condition. How to programme is detailed on page 7. Additional keypads must be initialised by the panel before they become active. System returns to factory setting when mains and battery powre are removed.

When set to ’99’ code 4 is always operational. Factory default is []. Zone Attributes Zone Type4. Leave this 01 In 0x. Alarm Switches with intrusion and tamper alarm Tamper only when armed. Spread the aaritech of the bells across the bell outputs or fit a relay and use the auxiliary power output to provide some of the current.

Aritech CS350 Installation Instructions

Fs Ps Us Pu Full set. The system will c3s50 up in armed state Factory Programme Setting. Change of hour forward Never Rearm The same input will not re-trigger the sirens. Input values, program inertia The exterior bell and Perimeter bell output types will reset after this time alarm expired.

This can reduce false alarms considerably.