Presents a biography of physicist Albert Einstein. Contents. Machine derived contents note: 6; Prologue: More than a Clerk; 8; Chapter 1: when Albert was a Boy. pages Ratings Explanation Violence: Kristallnacht – November 9th, , the fascist Nazi Storm Troopers seized Jewish property, murdered Jews, and. Albert Einstein by Frieda Wishinsky – book cover, description, publication history.

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He was born in Germany where he would later have to leave.

I liked that about it because it explained alot about Abert Einstien’s life without getting to boring and didn’t have an over load on detail. Albert Einstein’s life is fascinating and this is more in-depth than a children’s book, but not an adult tome.

Albert Einstein by Frieda Wishinsky

Grew up in Ulm, Germany. I thought this was great book and it really described how Albert Einsteins life was. Looking for Work 44 Chapter 6: Einstein comes across as a quirky individual who, despite being poorly understood, was able to cultivate and share his own views about the world. They would smack his knee caps if he disrespected his teachers.

Adding to the enjoyment of reading are the “extras” found throughout the book including photographs, sidebars, definition boxes, and at the end, a timeline of Einstein’s life.

Frieda Wishinsky – Non-Fiction

Oct 17, Daniel19 rated it really liked it Shelves: It was a very good introduction to Einstein’s life and the social and political environment that surrounded him.

Tina Seskis grew albbert in Hampshire, England, and einstien graduating from the University of Bath spent over 20 years working in marketing and advertising. Book; Illustrated English Show 0 more libraries She is known around the world for her educational books and has won many awards. This was an amazing biography on an even more amazing person of our history.

How he had struggled with early speech difficulties. This book gave me an alnert of who he really is, what he does, and what he was like. None of your libraries hold this item. Aug 12, Connor Ulmer rated it it was amazing.


On wisinsky than one occasion I was so engaged in the reading wishnisky I found that I didn’t want to put the book down. The biography is one-sided which I did not like. I never knew very much about Albert, so it was fun learning about the major aspects that had happened during when he was alive, like his contributions to the study of physics. But she can’t bury the past—or her own memories. Albert and Mileva have akbert daughter out of wedlock, Lieserl. I believe that anyone looking for a succinct yet detailed account of the life of this great man will enjoy picking up this book.

This book details the life of one of the greatest minds of all time in an easy to follow, enjoyable to read manner. These 6 locations in All: He was very quiet and had lots of temper tantrums. He then later died in I know this because there is a short paragraph on the last sishinsky of the book that describes the Author and her works of literature. I thought this book and biography was very good and interesting.

I will now read a basketball book to see if I like it or not.

Albert Einstein

Feb 15, Samantha Roman rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed this book because it is Historical. The Polytechnic 38 Chapter 5: What few know, however, is that as a young person he struggled with learning, apbert had trouble finding a stable means of securing a job as a teacher.

Or, some quirkier tidbits like how he found socks to be useless, and irritating, so he did not wear them. To include a wihinsky in your tag, surround the tag with double quotes. I would recommend the book to anyone interested in getting motivated or those who enjoy learning about famous people’s lives since the book gives a relatively detailed description of his life, and gives some ways that he managed to overcome problems that would end most of us.


I think that the author did a great job on all the parts of the book. May 17, Scott added it Shelves: I recommend this book who like reading books about history or math and even biographies.

Lists What are lists? It then goes on to talk about his childhood and his early schooling. The difference Culturally from America is when Albert was a young man he had severe anger issues. Published London ; New York: The book talks about his life a scientist, and all the work he did to benefit the science world. A later edition of this book would be ideal, as there are too many spelling errors and typos for them not to be noticed, and interfere with the reading of what would have been a great book for basic information on Einstein’s life.

That, back then was considered the fault of the parents not disciplining the child enough. Students will enjoy reading about 12 different explorers, and the critical events that made them into historical figures, in this fun, yet informative, book.

Albert Einstein is a well-known scientist and great thinker, but after reading the book and wishinksy what a family man and unsocial man he was, you learn how real he bu was and you admire him more. Albert marries his cousin, Elsa. I had always thought of Albert Einstein as being a very brilliant man who was probably so intelligent that he was not easily accessible to those who were not his intellectual peers, an idea clearly dismissed through this book. Albert Enistrin, This book is a biography about Albert Einstein.

The book met my expectations and even surpassed them because it went into detail and explained Albert Einstein’s life so greatly. This book was good and bad.