Just found the site- love it. Question- how many tattoos do I need to do these exercises and will I need to shave my head? Kidding- but great. When people ask me about bodyweight strength training, I point them to Al Kavadlo. Pushing the Limits! is a must-have for bodyweight training. It was a book called Raising The Bar by Al Kavadlo. as Raising the Bar was I think Al has taken it to another level with Pushing the Limits!.

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Thank you, you have successfully signed up for our mailing list s. The keys to a successful bodyweight training program are adding complexity, altering your leverage and proper… Read More. Read the foreword by Jason Ferruggia. A body that packs a punch. A body that commands attention with its etched physique, coiled muscle and proud confidence…A tge that can PERFORM at the highest levels of physical accomplishment….

Al Kavadlo – Pushing The Limits! | Al Kavadlo

Well, both Al Kavadlo —the author of Pushing the Limits! The brothers Kavadlo walk the bodyweight talk—and then some. The proof is evident on every page of Pushing the Limits! Your body is your temple. Pushingg and strengthen your temple by modeling the methods of the exercise masters. Al lays out dozens of effective exercises for every fitness level, while making the journey fun and encouraging. How sure are we that Pushing the Limits!

Simply fill out the form below and put Pushing the Limits! Obviouslywe would go out of business if Pushing the Limits!

Al Kavadlo’s Blog

With the promise of a full refund if you’re unsatisfied, you have nothing to lose by trying Pushing the Limits! Go ahead and try it today.

The keys to a successful bodyweight training program are adding complexity, altering your leverage and proper progression, Al demonstrates all of these aspects flawlessly.

With Pushing The Limits Al Kavadlo has produced another book that is literally packed with bodyweight training ideas. Beautifully shot, the book also takes a systematic approach to tge training and provides the reader with countless progressions. You could literally spend a lifetime trying to achieve and perfect all of the feats in this book. Get in now, you won’t be disappointed!

Whether you’ve read Al’s previous books, or not, you’d do well do check this one out. It’s packed with kavsdlo and progressions to keep even the most advanced body-weight athlete working hard.

At the other end of the scale, this book won’t be intimidating for beginners either, very few books can boast both ends of the scale in this detail. Newcomers to body weight workouts will find this book a refreshing change from some other testosterone fueled publications. What makes this book such a great reference manual are Al’s innovations with progressions. He is always working to make life easier and more interesting as you lavadlo up the ladder to the master steps, making each step as enjoyable and rewarding as the final exercise itself.

I’ve had the pleasure of training with Al liimits New York and his refreshing approach and attitude to body weight training is infectious, as is that smile you’ve become familiar with on Youtube. If you puzhing yet, search Youtube for Al Kavadlo and see some well produced, clear and concise videos on everything from simple pushups to the human flag, and everything in between. They’re far from your average cell phone videos and elsewhere would be chargeable content. Check them out, check Al out, be inspired, then buy the book.


You will not be disappointed. Fantastic book, it is extremely well written and way a joy to read! The details, exercises and progressions are clear and easy to understand.

Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys body weight training!! I’m a doctor that uses functional rehab to get my patients better. This book has helped so much with all the great pics and showing and explaining what and why they are doing these exercises.

Also when I get down and show them myself they can see that it is totally achievable! If you are wavering on getting this book, get it! I promise you won’t regret it! From a functional stand point Al, Danny, and Paul are spot on! I’ve seen and experienced “miracles” from doing these workouts! I have had a bad shoulder, low back, and hyperextended both knees in college football and was told I needed multiple surgeries and was always going to have pain I am completely pain free and thank these hard working guys for everything they do!

I can’t wait to see what’s next! I’m a physical therapist in orthopedics with all the frame wear and tear of a lifter. I use Al’s stuff for myself and for patients and always get good outcomes. On my field there are those that make pushlng happen, those that watch it happen, and those that dash in afterwards and ask “Hey, what just happened?

An excellent book with amazing high quality photos and well written explanations of exercise performance! It is concise and to the point; a sign of one’s skill and mastery in any art! Al’s philosophy is spot on; he will not tell you what to do and how to think, but give you the tools to create what you desire from the information you receive.

There is very little text written on programming and when to progress as these are things you will need to develop on your own as you grow and progress within your own practice. Having said that he has indeed covered all that one really Needs to know on this point! He has given some basic standards for progression, but the philosophy is perform an exercise, practice and refine it until it is no longer a challenge then progress to a more difficult variant.

Until you have reached the point of progression your focus is on practice and refining your form and technique, listen to your body and follow your own intuition; profound I know. On a personal note, as a woman, I am extremely happy to see someone has included women in the exercises throughout the book.

So much focus has been placed on men in this art it is nice to have a woman’s presence. Also, along those lines, Al’s personality shines through as the real deal, a genuine, knowledgeable, authentic person who appears to absolutely love doing what he does. That in itself is inspiring ppushing who doesn’t wan to to support and promote someone like that! I swear he is smiling in virtually every photo, no matter how difficult the movement!


You will not regret buying this book; it is top quality all the way around! I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys being active. No matter what sport or training regimen you are currently following, Al’s book has something for everyone. Novices and advanced practitioners alike, will find detailed movements that help increase their strength, mobility, tje flexibility. Great pjshing with beautiful photography. I’ve been waiting for a book like this for a while.

Clear concise explanations of body weight movements to build strength. Al provides instruction plainly delivered to help guide you in your fitness journey. The artwork is amazing as well! I would like some posters from this book if available. This would be fantastic as a reference on your shelf or art for your coffee table. This is a great book. I live in Upshing and initialy I thought the book was expensive and shipping was ridiculous but after reading the book I am glad I got it.

I learned how to do a few new things and improved the way I did some things pushhing I was already doing. I can see an improvement in my physique and I have a lot less niggling injuries and pains. This book is not the kavarlo thing I’ve used but I think it played an important part in my improvement. In fact I plan to buy another one to send to my son in Canada, I think it will be even more helpful to him oimits there is a good chance he will read it because it is beautirully illustrated.

Read our Review Guidelines before posting your review. Click image to enlarge. You need pushign book! That’s how sure we are! Al Kavadlo has modeled the masters and has the “temple” to show for it. The variations of The Big Three and progressions Al lays out will keep you busy for years.

Easy to follow progressions allow you to master advanced push up, squat and bridging variations.

All you need is the will to do it! Every oimits you put out a new book it becomes my NEW favorite and my inspiration! I love the blend of strength, power, health and overall athleticism in this book!

Pushing The Limits! – Total Body Strength With No Equipment

I will use it with my athletes, with the adults I train, in my own training and absolutely these books will be the books I share with my kids. Thank you for your review. Your review will not be displayed until validated by Dragon Door staff. Allow limots to two business days for this process to be completed. How do you rate this Item? Please enter a headline to appear with your review. Please type your review in the space below characters left.

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