Billable Accounts. Select Customer from the Left Navigation and Add a New Customer. This is your billing entity. You can configure the account as pre-‐paid or. A guide to the basics of using A2Billing The Asterisk PBX was originally designed for Linux Operating system. Due to the the asterisk Handbook (http:// ) . Create A2Billing system/database user. Use this manual to configure Idefisk with your and username/ password as. / NOTE: that User is by default Blocked to insure.

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Change that setting to “no”.

List Speed Dial Speed dials are listed here. Post-pay customers pay the operator on receipt of an invoice, after the call has been made. Create and edit the sign-up emails. Clicking Edit will give access to the individual properties of the customer. The cost is a fixed cost based on the cost of broadband, rather than a per minute cost using DISA Direct Inwards System Accesstypically a toll free number. The A2Billing platform has many features that are only found in high end calling card platforms costing many thousands of dollars.

Create the cards for distribution, or open your manial for business. Show Callbacks This screen lists all the callbacks to a number of different asterisk servers. Additionally the ingress cost for a A2billling call is regarded as 0. Set the monthly charge in the fixrate field. Details Package Shows the number of calls and the cost of those calls which have been made under each package.

The fields are all fairly self explanatory, with text below most fields to explain and clarify the purpose of the field. The settings for the payment gateway are configured within a2billing. Define how you want to enable the expiration of the card date, amount of days since first use, amount of days since creation.


The customer enters the voucher number into the customer graphical user interface, and the card is topped up by the value of the voucher.

Cards can be refilled from the refill icon at the top of the page in List Customers. We will try to describe interactions between entities and the different features available through the web interface.

A new DDI uder added via this screen. More control over the rates charged can be enabled by editing a setting in a2billing. Alternatively, a previous backup can be uploaded from your own file system. You have to insert the same name you use to define the trunk in asterisk. System Log An audit trail of activity by administrators showing all pages viewed, exports and imports, edits and deletes.

The number of speed dials that a customer can create is set in the a2billing. Pre-paid customers have to charge their account with a sum of money before they can make calls. Hold down the CTRL key and click each section in turn for which access is allowed.

A2Billing v2.2 Install Guide

From this graph, the maximum number of concurent calls can be ascertained. Go to the bottom left and set to display all. We are including this section for legacy purposes. Import Customers, to provide for existing customer details to be imported from a legacy platform. Create a Tariff Group under Ratecard — Tariffgroup. The Package to be applied is selected within the Call Plan. Create Invoices Allows the operator to create invoices, and optionally send out the invoices by email. Which group of CID to deliver to the called party are defined against each rate in the Add Rate section.

The file is well commented, and it should be clear as to what needs to be done. The management interface allows the system to be configured. Customers A customer has a number of properties, mainly a card number, an Alias and a password. Call Report This provides a customisable call report for all calls along with costs and margins.


The file manager system is to allow uploading of sound files, either in terms of prompts or music on hold.

User Guide

There are 2 buttons against each customer which allow the invoice and payment history to be viewed. A2Billing also supports Authorise. A rate-card has to exist before rates can be imported. Information on the internet is available to work round this problem.

Therefore if a mistake has been made, a balancing payment must be made to correct the mistake. Add Charge Charges are added against a customer in this screen. Having created the Call Plan above, edit the Call Plan through this screen, and add in the rate card. Many people who endeavour to install A2Billing are more skilled in telecoms and business than in Linux, and there are plenty of people who can install and configure the system on your behalf including the A2Billing team.

user manual | A2Billing

List Customers Customers previously created are listed here. Any internet attached asterisk server can be added, and callbacks triggered from that server. All the basic settings of A2Billing mqnual contained within this file. Add Rate Rates can be added individually, but this can become tedious, so an import rate function is described below. Having created criteria for selecting rates, they can be then updated using batch update function.

Define Rate Card Having created the rate card, and put some rates against it, the rates are then listed in this screen. A descriptive name, a start date and an expiry date can be set, as well as the trunk to ussr.