Buy A Carpet Ride to Khiva: Seven Years on the Silk Road First Edition by Christopher Aslan Alexander (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store . This month my debut novel comes out: Alabaster. Although it’s not set in Khiva, I’ ve drawn on my experiences of living there and elsewhere in. A Carpet Ride to Khiva by Christopher Aslan Alexander, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Very mixed feelings about this book.

A Carpet Ride to Khiva

For those of you Yanks who baulked at having to fork out postage to get your copy from the UK, fear not: My advice is that, while many women like the youthfulness implied in being called a girl, it’s better to irde this to conversation rather than expository text where the meaning is confusing and all that feminist stuff too. An enjoyable piece of travel writing which doubled as the author’s exercise in catharsis about the end of his time in the Uzbekistan city of Khiva as an aid worker who helped set up a sustainable carpet business.

During this time, our little team felt in need of a break and we made a weekend trip to the mountain village of Arslanbob, entirely Uzbek, backed by kihva mountain peaks and surrounded by the oldest and largest natural walnut forest in the world. My old boss in Khiva, Andrea, had been promoted to country director for our NGO in Tajikistan and called in khivq to let me know that the KGB they have a khjva name but locals still use their old name as they still do the same old job had paid a visit to her office with various allegations against me, including that I was a spy for Switzerland.

I would have loved to caret some photos. The puppet master is there, and so Umid, who still has a stall next to Zulhamar and the antique seller. Seven Years on the Silk Road. Alexander’s book is hard to define – it details his seven years in Uzbekistan, where he helped set up a carpet factory.


Two other points that are not quibbles, just things I would like to discuss with friends: If you ever have a chance to go to Khiva, this is a great book to read. The result is an unforgettable true story of a journey to the heart of khjva unknown. This month my debut novel comes out: We find a cheap hotel, but even this has a fancy new facade.

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The silk-dying was not on display for a couple of obvious reasons–it must be very smelly and pretty messy–and I didn’t find the Susana shop that he created although there were two young women displaying this art in the courtyard of the Madrassah turned carpet workshop. And perhaps the biggest mystery is the extent of his romantic life in Uzbekistan.

The first is when Alexander is at the Afghan embassy in Tashkent, applying for a visa to Afghanistan so he can purchase some dye. Erkin is joining the masses heading to Russia for casual work this summer, in order to make ends xarpet. Hope to hear from him again: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Internet access is widespread and major cities are now joined by a high speed rail network.

A Carpet Ride to Khiva: It was amazing to read it and then gide to see the place. I tell him I miss him too. Passing through the carved wooden doors to the carpet workshop feels very special, and weavers spill out from different cells to greet me and ask after my family and all my relatives.

A Carpet Ride to Khiva: Seven Years on the Silk Road

This site uses cookies. I understood this before reading this book based on my time in Vietnam. I asked, and was shown stacks of firewood. I was hesitant fo read this book, as my memories of Khiva are very personally ingrained, and I didn’t agree with some of the activities of the organization that brought the author to Khiva.


Though many of us who live overseas may have become quite cynical about ineffectual NGOs represented by either ridiculously naive volunteers or jaded, if not arrogant, development consultants who drive around in SUVS and sip cocktails under ceiling fans among the other foreigners in any given city on the backpacker circuit, the reality is that there are a number of people who are dedicated to doing what they can to make the world a better place.

I enjoyed khifa writing, although it was a little helter-skelter at times, but the very best thing was when I found the shop that Aslan Alexander talks about creating and saw the carpet makers and Susana embroiderers at work.

Jalaladdin, the downtrodden eldest son now runs Meros Bed and Breakfast and speaks excellent English, no thanks to me.

Khiga people were killed, homes burnt down and thousands of Uzbeks fled across the Uzbek border seeking refuge.

But far more, it is a fascinating insight into the everyday lives of a broken country.

You cannot help but hope for the best for him and the people around him. His pursuit of powdered madder root takes him deep into Afghanistan, whence he emerges after close shaves. Mar 26, Jen rated it really liked it. But of especial interest to me was his description of the rugs he helped design, the inspirations, the cooperative work cagpet others.