Big and Tall Style Tips

Big men, big wardrobe woes. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Looking into your closet doesn’t have to feel as frustrating anymore. If you aren’t sure how to look your best at your height and weight, can help, big time (no pun intended). They can show you how to dress for your shape, and they’ve got the best selection of professional and casual wear you’ll ever find for guys like you. You’ll find what you want in the size and style you want.

So if you’re taller and heavier than your average Joe, here are a few guidelines to make you look and feel amazing. Dressing poorly will be a thing of the distant past.

1. You can look good the way you are. There is never going to be a “perfect” you, so stop waiting to look better physically before you dress better. You can make the most of what you’ve got today by knowing how to choose the best looks for yourself.

To do this, avoid dressing down or “comfortably” in baggy clothes. Sure, it might make you feel less self-conscious because you’re “hiding” in sweats or a saggy shirt, but it doesn’t make you look good. On the contrary. You look sloppy.

Instead, look for well-defined lines that give you a clean, sharp look. Suits, jackets, long-sleeved shirts, khakis and other slacks, and more formal styles should be part of your wardrobe.

2. Avoid busy patterns. A few people in the universe might be able to get away with wearing them, but not you. Heavyset men wearing large, busy patterns do not call positive attention to themselves. Graphic T-shirts are another thing to avoid, for that matter. Instead, smaller, uncomplicated to medium-sized patterns, if you want a pattern at all, are the go-to choice. Anything else will accentuate your large frame instead of slimming it. And patterns such as plaids or windowpanes will do the same.

3. Dark colors are your friend. They slim well and large men tend to look good in them. The staples black, navy, and gray are good choices. Avoid colors such as lime green or bright pink. Keep your choices on the darker rather than the lighter, brighter, louder side.

4. Fit is everything. Even if you look for lean lines in your clothing selections, the wrong fit can undermine your effort. Ask an in-store tailor or a friend for advice or their opinion of your look. Many men’s stores offer tailoring services. Don’t be afraid to use them if necessary. And on the other side of the spectrum, a smaller size won’t work, either. If you dress in tight clothing it does not slim you. It only makes you look like a bratwurst.

5. Choose the right fabrics. Believe it or not, even fabric weight can affect your look because different fabrics hang differently. Your best bets are lighter materials that will add less bulk to your body. Not only are they more comfortable because they retain less body heat, they’re more flattering. Smooth, lightweight fabrics create cleaner lines. Avoid the cumbersome wools, for example, and go for finer weaves.

With these simple tips, you have a better guide to clothes shopping. You’ll make a positive professional impression at your next business meeting. Go knock them dead! And if you could use other tips on said meeting, and on business in general, is a great place for such insight. Go forward looking great in the office. Find a dxl coupon on Groupon Coupons today.